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The Void 05:33
The Void Into the Void I call, I scream Oblivion Be my deliverance Be my sanctum Into the Void I fall I dream Reliving my memories Relive my life the things I want undone Inside the Void I search I find Rewritten sentences of words unsaid Your silent answer and the questions resonate What if I spoke when my tongue was numb What if I told when my heart was in pain What if I asked you forgive and forget What if I wasn't so afraid I imagine if had looked into your eyes Forgotten my pride and told truth instead of a lie I fear I'll lose myself If I dream too far Inside the Void It is still but a dream So bring me out of the Void I force my heart to rest And bring myself to wake again Present time feels no patience Present time does not wait Embrace
Serene 05:04
SERENE Awakened by the dreams of night Streetlights yields to the grey Rain shatter the world outside my window Towering walls of steel and stone I feel the last raindrops falling from the sky close my eyes and feel the heat of an awakening sun Rippling water dripping from the last winter snow between these walls of steel and stone I find you flourish Again you stand alone and victorious between cracks in our ground of stone Again you stand unfolded and exposed Forgotten miracle Hidden divinity you are You unfroze my heart and I felt the change I never thought I would feel again, as I felt this day I am reborn My weary soul no more will linger
Blindfolded we falter with chains around our wrists we see only through eyes of those who speak We are the masses we the few we are the people who were derived by flattering words we carried the mark, and raised our hands to the sky In honor of a vision that preached a better world This is no excuse nor a reason why This is just a simple confession We see the blood on our hands As our eyes adjust to the light The light of truth reveals our deeds Our actions, our words, our subtle allusions The light shines bright at the pain we've created The torment on the soul, the body and mind Why are we blind We follow those who talks as if they see more than us With promises and encouragement they lead us by hand While we blindly sing their mantras We shed our sanity of what is right or wrong A grand illusionist, working his way through our reason As we ecstatically glorify his wishes, undoubted New laws and rules are implemented in our minds, Who would have known these words became death, the hungry mob? When the truth is revealed Our realities will lay in ruins Rebuild Recover Arise Burn the cloths That blinded us So that we can see again And ask forgiveness
The greatest love of all Is to die for a fellow man Like brothers in arms In the battle of life I speak to you, listen Not in empty words Or in frail tongue No hidden agenda you’ll see Comprised of sincerity No hidden agenda you’ll see Witness my grand design Through out all things From a grain of sand To the conception of life Encounter my love Crushing all selfish things Redeeming you From self-destruction I am the foundation I know your most inner being Behold, gaze upon me Open the gates Take down defenses Look through the blinds Cast light Submerge, uncover the truth See that I am Who I am I am the Initiator The Restorer and The Finisher I am The good surrender Let me be who I am Let me do what I want; Let me die so you can live so you can live I change your heart from stone to flesh Stripped of your path you are Now a sinner you are not, but a saint Go sin no more Rejoice


released March 25, 2014


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Ascendant Denmark

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